Reference Point Zero

16 02 2011

I am looking for another practitioner to join Blossom and have recieved a handful of inquiries.  One resume came from a woman who looked very impressive on paper but upon investigation (google), I found three reviews for her, all of which were terrible.  Someone called her the Mr. Magoo of natural medicine and described her as the most disorganized person they had ever met.  My gut told me not to even bother with an interview but my receptionist said it would be a good reference point.

I imagined in my mind that she would be over-weight and disheveled.  I imagined that she looked good on paper but that in real life she wasn’t very good with her patients.  I should have stuck with my gut.

To my surprise she arrived on time.  My eyebrows lifted when I saw her large shadow looming behind the opaque glass of the clinic door (insert Scheming Weasel music here).  She slowly shuffled in and I invited her to take a seat while I finished up with a client. 

Could I ask her to leave now?!?

I wish I could be like my husband, Joe, when it comes to interviews.  He does one every 15 minutes and if they are not the right fit, he tells them gently right away and then makes suggestions on what they can do to improve their resume.  Not me.  I subject myself to the dirty task of enduring, all the while crafting an exit strategy in my head.

She was so unhealthy looking that her lips were purple.

Yes, her lips were purple!!

Enough said.